8-Bar Variety Pack

8-Bar Variety Pack


Not sure where to start? Looking for an impressive gift? Look no further. Buy all 8 of our handcrafted bars together and save $15 versus buying each individually.

Includes: Boliva Single-Origin Bar; Dominican Republic Single-Origin Bar; Guatemala Single-Origin Bar; Maras Salt Bar; Ginger-Honey Bar; Coffee Bar; Cacao Nibs Bar; Yellow Chili Bar

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Authentic chocolate in the South American tradition: Unlike conventional chocolates, with their fillers and artificial flavors, Vicuña chocolate is simple purity: hand-selected, ethically sourced cacao beans and organic cane sugar.

Experience chocolate as it should be: You can find other two-ingredient chocolates, but even those cut corners. We stone-grind each bar to pure, complex, creamy perfection.

Hand made: Each small batch of Vicuña chocolate receives painstaking attention to detail from the moment it arrives at our door as raw cacao to the moment our hand-wrapped bars go out the door.