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Artisanal chocolate made with just two ingredients: cacao and cane sugar.

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Open Tuesday thru Sunday from 10am - 6pm

Unlike other chocolates, each Vicuña Bar truly starts from scratch. 

We pay close attention to every detail and insure the highest quality, best-tasting chocolate ever. Using hand-selected, ethically-sourced cacao and pure cane sugar as the only two ingredients, each bar is stone-ground to creamy perfection. The result? A pure, complex, and authentic chocolate in the South American tradition. 


a little bit about us

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Vicuña Chocolate was founded and 2014 and re-opened in July of 2017 by Nate Morison and Casey Goodrich, who both bring youthful excitement to everything we do here. Nate and Casey are both under 20 years old and are thrilled to bring their passion for specialty food to Peterborough and beyond. We believe in providing the highest quality, most pure chocolate experience to our customers.