Origin Discovery Set

Origin Discovery Set


The perfect starting point to experience authentic chocolate like you’ve never tasted before. Our Origin Discovery Set includes four individual 1-ounce bars, making for a perfect gift and an exciting tasting experience.

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 Authentic chocolate in the South American tradition: Unlike conventional chocolates, with their fillers and artificial flavors, Vicuña chocolate is simple purity: hand-selected, ethically sourced cacao beans and organic cane sugar.

 Experience chocolate as it should be: You can find other two-ingredient chocolates, but even those cut corners. We stone-grind each bar to pure, complex, creamy perfection.

 Hand made: Each small batch of Vicuña chocolate receives painstaking attention to detail from the moment it arrives at our door as raw cacao to the moment our hand-wrapped bars go out the door.

Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, salt. Soy-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Simple! And simply delicious.

Our Origin Discovery Set is the perfect starting point to experience authentic chocolate like you’ve never tasted before. With four, individual 1-ounce bars to compare, there is no shortage of excitement.

Inside the Discovery Set:

  1. Single-Origin Bolivia Bar: made using only Trinitario cacao from the Alto Beni Cacao Company in Palos Blancos, Bolivia. Notice subtle notes of truffle and cherry bouncing around the palate and pair this bar with a dry & oaky red wine.

  2. Single-Origin Dominican Republic Bar: made using blend of cacao only from Öko-Caribe Cacao Cooperative in the Dominican Republic. This exceptional cacao is one of our favorite origins, and features pleasant notes of roasted peanut and finishes with hints of red currant

  3. Single-Origin Guatemala Bar: made with cacao from Chimelb in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, this is by far our most fruity origin, packed with notes of sour grape. As the chocolate is enjoyed, notice a range of notes including espresso and shortbread. This incredibly flavorful origin is contrast to our other two single-origin bars.

  4. Maras Salt BarThis bar features our Bolivia or Dominican Republic origin and is complimented with just the right amount of salt from the Sacred Valley in Peru. An age-old combination of dark chocolate and salt comes together for a handcrafted treat sure to please.