By far our fruitiest bar, the Guatemala origin is packed with notes of sour grape. With cacao coming from Alta Verapaz and grown alongside bananas and rubber trees, this cacao is incredibly flavorful. As the chocolate is enjoyed, notice a range of notes including espresso and shortbread. Don’t miss this exciting bar, which stands as a contrast to our other two origins.

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Authentic chocolate in the South American tradition: Unlike conventional chocolates, with their fillers and artificial flavors, Vicuña chocolate is simple purity: hand-selected, ethically sourced cacao beans and organic cane sugar.

Experience chocolate as it should be: You can find other two-ingredient chocolates, but even those cut corners. We stone-grind each bar to pure, complex, creamy perfection.

Hand made: Each small batch of Vicuña chocolate receives painstaking attention to detail from the moment it arrives at our door as raw cacao to the moment our hand-wrapped bars go out the door.

Ingredients: cacao beans & cane sugar. Soy-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Simple! And simply delicious.