The Dangers of fillers in chocolate

Just about every Big Brand chocolate product these days contains undesirable fillers. These low-grade fillers include soy lecithin, milk fats, milk powders, cocoa butters, and of course, inordinate amounts of dreaded corn syrup. These fillers are detrimental to the integrity of the chocolate and can wreak havoc on our health. Of course, it’s convenient and lucrative for the Big Brands to include these as they save cost, claim that they enhance the texture, and of course disguise their low-quality cacao. 

Vicuna Bar Infographic-01.jpg

            The fact of the matter is that fillers can be a hidden danger. When you read the ingredients label, you might see somewhat familiar ingredients. Cacao mass, chocolate liqueur, cacao butter, corn syrup, maybe a soy product. Although they might sound like normal ingredients, don’t be fooled! Check out the ingredients label of Vicuña Chocolate to discover what pure & simple chocolate looks like. Just hand-selected cacao and pure, organic cane sugar. Often times, Big Brands will hide the true contents of their product, deliberately obfuscating the ingredients to preserve the reputation of their recipe, hiding their so-called trade secrets. This is a nefarious practice.  Anyone with an allergy could be inadvertently consuming something harmful to them! Soy products are increasingly becoming the cause of many allergic reactions. That soy lecithin hiding in your Big Brand bar? It could be the cause of some health problems, not to mention lowers the bar for chocolate standards. After experiencing Vicuña chocolate, you’ll soon recognize the tell-tale signs of soy fillers and other imposter ingredients. 

            The more artificial ingredients the Big Brands add, the less you’re tasting the complex flavors of chocolate. This, of course, is obvious. But many consumers may not be aware that the majority of ingredients in a typical Big Brand bar are fillersand not real chocolate ingredients. The next time you taste chocolate out of a crinkly, cellophane wrapper, notice the texture as you eat. You’ll likely notice a waxiness; something that just isn’t quite right. Any detectable flavor notes are muted and the bar crumbles instead of snaps. What you’re experiencing is fillers doing their work, at the detriment of your health. 

            Vicuña is proud to say that we don’t use fillers of any kind in our chocolate. Vicuña Chocolateis simple purity. Vicuña chocolate contains only the ingredients that warm your solar plexus and delight your mouth. We use ethically-sourced cacao and pure, organic cane sugar. Our chocolate is stone-ground to creamy, complex, perfection and then artfully tempered to create a one-of-a-kind melt-in-the-mouth experience. End your search for a pure chocolate with Vicuñas selection of chocolate delights. You’ll soon realize the brands you thought you loved were just a flirtation. This is the real thing; free of fillers and artificial ingredients! Sorry, Big Chocolate Brands!